Media Futures is an independent media agency with no vested interests, the thinking is impartial coupled with the unique benefits from individually customised media solutions.

Simple advice is often the best way to put you on the right track. Ask us for clear and direct advice on your issues. Unravel the mysteries of the media sector and design the policy and strategy that best fits your needs. Too often media is shrouded in mystery and often misunderstood. Seek out Media Futures specialist advice.

We work with clients on all aspects of their media strategy to ensure they are maximising the results of their media spend:

  • Integrate the media function with the marketing plan
  • Promote fresh thinking that creates a unique point of difference
  • Position media at the forefront of communication planning
  • Ensure that above and below the line media work in harmony
  • Introduce merchandising and cross promotion with the mainstream
  • Negotiate in market of origin when required versus centralised functions
  • Appraise each media market on its' merits regardless of location
  • Utilise research as a guide not the definitive arbiter
  • Monitoring market vibrations in making considered decisions
  • Encourage considered risk taking and rise above established media practice
  • Measure media as a return on investment

“Move beyond the science and allow the art of media buying to work for you.” - Greg Allardice, principal Media Futures.

The art of media planning and buying has been practiced for years; what is the difference between a successful or mediocre campaign?
The answer is... how one practices the art. Media planning and purchase of advertising is a process.

True value comes from the "art" or expertise of the media planner/buyer and their ability to add knowledge beyond the scientific process. 
Media Futures offers its clients a holistic approach to media strategy, planning and buying based on over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Achieving maximum returns for every dollar invested is at the core of the art.

Your business can benefit from the independent and impartial advice from Media Futures.


Media Futures offer clients an integrated approach to media policy, strategy, planning and buying.

We are a niche specialist company, providing experienced advice, qualified knowledge and personalised service.

Often simple advice is the best way to put you on the right track...take out the mystery.

Ask us for clear and direct advice on your issues. Gain some insight into our strategy and methods by selecting an article on the menu.

Media Futures provides a specialist range of media services that are Tailor Made Solutions. We work with clients to develop targeted strategy, media policy, planning, buying.

Media Futures interviewed Social Media Specialist Craig Thomler about trends in the world of Social Media

Here’s a snap shot summary of what Craig had to say –

1. Question : Why Social Media…..does it really work ?