The art of media planning and buying has been practiced for years:
What is it that makes the essential difference between a successful or a mediocre campaign?

Media Futures considers the total business environment in which you operate, not just media in isolation. Media is critical to the message, but is not the stand alone element. Media needs to be linked to your marketing, business and growth plans. Media does drive business more than most believe, it is a key part of every business plan.

Media Futures believes in the principle of "Tailor Made Solutions" as the key to a better outcome for your company, brands and services. This means attention to detail, rigorous planning and astute negotiation.

For too long advertisers have relied on standard computer models to solve their media issues. Data driven media models only tell a small portion of the story. This style of media generally leads to a sanitised outcome where it all looks great in a plan but lacks the reality and empathy inherent in varying media combinations.
What truly drives your business forward? 
Media Futures takes into account the forces that drive your business and builds the media plan that not only compliments the business but goes beyond to ensure the media is an integral pat of your marketing and business plan. The bottom line is accountable media plan that can be measured on results.

It sounds logical but many organizations believe that media is a quick fix and blame the media if it does not work. Generally there is more preparatory work to be done into which your media fits.

If different thinking makes sense for your enterprise, Media Futures may well have a fit. Sick of hearing the same old theories and your media continually gets stacked in favour of one media category. This may well be a sign that your audience returns are limited and restricting the growth of your operation. Audience delivery in the most cost effective form is at the heart of all media undertakings. Different thinking in a cluttered and over supplied media market is not only required, it's essential.

Also consider the role of media as an in-house media specialist. Media agencies generally work remotely, will turn up for meetings or presentations and go back to the office. Media Futures is different to the mainstream agency style of business. In this day and age clients are seeking a trusted media advisor, someone who is on call 7 days a week and cares for your business as much as you do. Media Futures is an In House resource working alongside your chosen director, manager or executive taking the same responsibility and challenges that you experience daily.

As a media specialist it ensures that clients get the solution best suited to their media needs. 
This personalised service means a deeper understanding of a clients' needs.
Greg Allardice, principal of Media Futures, works closely with clients to assess the situation and create solutions to maximise media policy, media strategy, media planning , media buying and media audit.

Media Futures sole focus is to listen to your needs and convert that listening into media policy and media strategy that makes common sense leading to improved return on media investment. The other key factor is detail, detail,detail. 

One size does not fit all in media. 
Meaningless phrases like " You need a million dollars to achieve this goal " ....simply don't work and never did.Have you asked your current media providers for more detail?  Good media is in the detail and how that fits into your business models.

Our objective is long term and approaches media as an integral part of your business.

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