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Choosing a Media  Specialist

Here are some simple rules:

✔ Ensure that you will receive advice from a senior, qualified practitioner at all times

✔ Make sure that the business is not pitched by senior executives only to be passed on to junior staff to execute the plans.

✔ That the media agency is available 7 days a week…the media does not sleep…nor does your business

✔ Beware of cheap airtime and space deals that end up as media clutter

✔ Check value added media time or space. What is incremental ROI

✔ Ensure your core audience is targeted before other considerations

✔ Examine audience extensions for secondary audience impact

✔ Review trends and fluctuations in media formats that fit your needs

✔ Do not buy purely on survey numbers examine the media environment

✔ The media advisor needs to be passionate about the media, not simply a transaction house. Is your trusted media advisor on call 7 days a week?

Managing Too Many Media Channels

Select only specific media capable of maximizing impact and avoid diluting your media dollars over multiple channels . It is always best to concentrate on specific time zone, days of the week or specialty positioning to impact target market. Generally, media buying spread randomly will not achieve your aims. Media is too diverse with increasing audience fragmentation thereby decreasing audience numbers in real terms. Every dollar is important to increase impact with effective frequency.

Look at the lifestyle/format of the media channel/ media outlet. Does it compliment your brand or service?  In many cases the number one media channel is not always the best one…aim to be in a cost effective and durable media environment. Seek those media outlets that best mirror your audience and avoid misplacement in mediums without compatibility to your offering.

Maximise Your Media For Your Budget

A key example of maximising your budget is examining audience shifts during the campaign and measuring the actual versus planned placement.
That means don't wait till the media plan has finished to measure what you achieved.Do it on the way through. During this assessment it is good practice to evaluate the added value and address the quantitative and qualitative results.Maximising your budget goes far beyond hoping it might work. Media Futures has developed the proven processes to maximise your media budget.

Media Strategist's  Inside Secrets on Really Targeting Your Market

The media specialist should clearly define placement position and check competitive brands wherever possible. There is nothing worse than being placed back to back with competitors.

Seek advice from your media specialist on media trends that only comes through intimate market knowledge. You are buying into the future not the past, so information collection is important in assessing the forward market conditions.Never assume that what happened yesterday or what you previously bought will be the same in the future. Media is a moving feast. Your media strategy deserves time and attention from a dedicated media specialist, ensuring the best fit is modelled around your business.

Subjectivity Will Kill Your Media Buying

When overlayed into the commercial scene the "expert" knowledge can work against the outcomes as subjectivity creeps into the equation.  This is as simple as the common phrase" oh my best friend likes that website, or we always watch that TV programme........."  
The fact is, media is so diverse that what you like is not necessarily what the the broader market consume. Hence subjectivity can be a very bad influence. 

Being subjective, rather than objective may result in your hard earned media dollars being wasted just for the privilege of hearing or seeing your message in your own familiar media environment.

So the message is simple...engage a media specialist to give impartial unbiased media advice. Maybe it's not what you want to hear ...but it's the way to make rational decisions without the subjectivity.

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