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The Not for Profit sector is alive and well and truly are business's in their own right. Not for profits are generally seen as organisations that need hand outs to survive, have unskilled management and are poor beyond belief.  This of course is simply not true. It is fair to say that Not for Profits are under increasing pressures to deliver their services in a dwindling pool of philanthropic  funds and reductions in Government grants. 

Relying on the same old sources of revenue just simply does not cut it anymore.  To operate  effectively NFP's need to promote aggressively, gain new partners and increase inflows of cash, goods and services or in kind support. To achieve this the Not for Profit sector needs to promote actively. This is where professional media services can design, build, plan and execute campaigns that deliver results for the NFP. 

From our experience, most Not for Profit organisations are daunted by the thought of main media undertakings, believing it is too hard or incorrectly think it is too expensive to participate in main media whether it be traditional or new media. However, Media Futures fully understands the nuances of the Not for Profit sector and more importantly has the templates and media modules to bring these unique organisations to life. 

With 25 years of operational experience across a broad spectrum of NFP's the understanding of what makes the sector tick has been established. 
Main media,  secondary media and new media formats can all work in harmony to get the message out there effectively and attract the right business partners, donors,  in kind support and philanthropic partners  that can contribute positively to the Not for Profit organisation. 

For those NFP's in the NDIS category, your future is dependent on how well you communicate and compete in an open market. 
Client acquisition under NDIS  is a competitive job and media plays a critical part in explaining and attracting the right clients plus building your profile.

There is an excellent article by Leanne Ferris on Media Futures Blog page entitled "Human services enter a brave new world". 
We found it a compelling insight into what is really going on in a sector often misunderstood, in this case the human services category in the Not for profit sector.

How can you improve your media practices? 

Media Futures offers 3 levels of Media Modules for Not for Profit organisations based on the life cycle stage of the NFP and where they wish to take their organisation into the future.

Level 1 . Introductory Media Module
Ideal for those who have not previously been in the media space and view media as a minefield, don't know what's involved or daunted by the proliferation of media clutter.

Level 2. Intermediate Media Module.   For those currently engaged in media but need more
This module is designed to help NFP's who are already engaged in media activities but would like  to improve their practices, expand the audience reach and explore new media opportunities that match the direction of the organisation.

Level 3. Advanced Media Module.  For those well established but have reached a plateau
This module is designed for those NFP's who are well known household names but have reached a plateau in their media usage. Their media patterns have become stale, predictable or simply worn out. Time for a refresh/ relaunch and design a media strategy in keeping with the current trends. This level 3 module is built so as to keep your NFP at the forefront of media exposure and maintain dominance in your category.

For more information about the Not for Profit sector, contact Media Futures. Maximise your media returns through specialised media modules.
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